What Our Clients Say

Recommended for all who want to unlearn their Singlish, relearn the basics of pronunciation, and learn the correct way to speak.

Chee Yulin

The course is very helpful. Heather is able to point out the problem areas and help me identify ways to improve. I enjoyed the group lessons a lot

Rachel Mung

It is an excellent course that most Singaporeans need. We are made aware of the areas we need to improve upon and realise the need to improve our spoken language.

Fong Hing Yee

It was a very fun workshop with lots of learning. [Heather] was able to create a very lively learning environment. The programme made me realise that I have not been making full use of my tongue and lip muscles! I didn't realise that I was pronouncing words incorrectly all this while until Heather pointed it out to me. Things like pronouncing plural endings and past tense were alien to me. After attending the course I've become more conscious about the way that I speak!

Tan Hwee Huan

A very useful program with practical tips on how to improve pronunciation. Heather is not just teaching like the usual classroom style where she talks and we listen. She made sure we apply what we learn and progress further.

Jindy Young, Secretary
CLAIRE Singapore

The whole learning process was very interesting. The best English language course I have attended.

Katherine Wong

This was a highly enjoyable and almost stress-free course in which I have learnt a lot and corrected many of my problem areas in my pronunciation.

Eric Chng, Student

I have learnt much about the fine details of the creation of different sounds. I enjoyed the training tremendously. Thank you, Ms Heather Hansen!

Lee Siak Cheong

For decades I was pronouncing certain words wrongly. For example: words ending with 'sion'. Excellent program to correct the pronunciation. I liked the way the program was conducted. Great course!

KR Thandavan