Speak Clearly 8-week Intensive Coaching Program

Improve your pronunciation and discover the confident communicator in you

  • Are you worried about the way you speak?
  • Do people have trouble understanding you?
  • Do you feel that your diction could be holding you back from achieving more in your life?

This course has been designed for people like you who are ready to make serious changes to the way they speak – and fast!  Learn More…

Speak up Successfully (1 day)

Make a positive impression with effective language and pronunciation

“I’m sorry, what? I can’t understand you.” Have you ever heard this line? Then you probably know how embarrassing it can be to repeat something over and over again. Miscommunication can and will hold you back in today’s fast-paced, international business environment. Too many people are hiding their gifts, talents and knowledge from the world due to a fear of speaking up and being misunderstood. Are you one of them? Learn More…

Get to Grips with Grammar (1 day)

A refreshing approach to improving your spoken and written English

Few people will tell you English grammar was their favourite subject in school. It’s complicated. There are so many rules – and sometimes even more exceptions to the rules! It can be hard to keep it all straight, especially if English is just one of several languages you speak. But with the right guidance you can quickly correct your most common grammatical errors once and for all…   Learn More…

Present with Confidence (2 days)

Conquer your fears, speak from your heart and engage every audience with powerful presentation techniques

When you are called upon to speak your mind, do you gladly take on the challenge, or shy away from opportunities to make your voice heard? In our fast-paced work environments, we all need to present ourselves clearly, powerfully and quickly in order to succeed. For many, just the thought of standing in front of a crowd can make their palms sweat. Are you one of them?…   Learn More…

Powerful People Skills (1 day)

How to communicate your way to success with impressive interpersonal instincts

Why is it that some people are able to say just the right thing at the right time? It seems so easy for them. They land the big contracts, get noticed by the boss, and seem to get along well with everyone they meet. What’s their big secret? As you will learn in this workshop, their big secret actually isn’t so big after all, and the simple lessons they apply are ones that anyone can learn and master.  Learn More…

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