Present with Confidence

Conquer your fears, speak from your heart and engage every audience with powerful presentation techniques

When you are called upon to speak your mind, do you gladly take on the challenge, or shy away from opportunities to make your voice heard? In our fast-paced work environments, we all need to present ourselves clearly, powerfully and quickly in order to succeed. For many, just the thought of standing in front of a crowd can make their palms sweat. Are you one of them?   In this interactive, two-day workshop, communication skills trainer Heather Hansen will show you simple ways to format your thoughts, develop your content, and deliver presentations with confidence. She will help you build on your natural style and ability to become an influential presenter who connects with audience members every time. You will learn to think on your feet and never be caught off guard, even when faced with the most difficult questions. Whether you need to speak in front of one person or one thousand, this practical workshop will give you the confidence to do so with ease.


  • Identify negative mindsets that hold you back from feeling confident
  • Learn to manage your physical, mental and emotional states during presentations
  • Analyse your audience to guarantee their support
  • Develop clear and concise content that is easily understood
  • Learn quick presentation structures that can be applied to any topic
  • Incorporate stories and humour for greater impact and influence
  • Think on your feet and structure your thoughts quickly and appropriately
  • Manage questions and challenges smoothly and confidently
  • Create appropriate visual aides that support you and your message
  • Deliver your content with grace, ease and style



Presentation skills are a subject area that you can only learn by doing. This course has been designed to be a hands-on, interactive, practice-based learning experience. You will present multiple times in small groups and in front of the class in a safe and fun learning environment. You will receive written and oral feedback from the trainer and other participants, and at least 2 presentations will be video-recorded for self-study and review. You’ll also take away a detailed workbook full of helpful tips and guidelines for further practice and development.

Workshop Highlights


Tackling Fear

  • Understanding speaking anxiety and why you might have it
  • Mental, emotional, behavioural and biological responses
  • Reconfiguring your mindset
  • Managing your speaking state
  • The importance of proper preparation


Knowing your Audience

  • Creating a system for audience analysis
  • Developing audience-focused objectives
  • Audience-specific engagement techniques


Developing Content and Structure

  • The presentation backbone
  • Creative content development techniques
  • Logical presentation flow
  • Powerful introductions and conclusions
  • Forecasting, transitioning and summarising
  • Incorporating stories, examples and evidence
  • How to use humour effectively


Delivering your Message

  • Improving your posture and movement
  • Becoming more aware of your body language
  • Varying your voice, tone and pace
  • Speaking clearly and correctly
  • Developing better breathing techniques
  • Creating and using visual aides appropriately


Thinking Quickly and Confidently

  • Handling challenging questions
  • Buying time with bridging techniques
  • Forming faster responses
  • Gaining the confidence to speak in any situation



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