Powerful People Skills

How to communicate your way to success with impressive interpersonal instincts

Why is it that some people are able to say just the right thing at the right time? It seems so easy for them. They land the big contracts,get noticed by the boss, and seem to get along well with everyone they meet. What’s their big secret? As you will learn in this workshop,their big secret actually isn’t so big after all, and the simple lessons they apply are ones that anyone can learn and master.
Successful communicators focus first on the interpersonal relation-ship, and second on getting what they want. If you learn how to build powerful relationships, you too can become a powerful communicator.
In this unique, motivational and experiential workshop, Heather Hansen will give you the tools to truly connect with others. She will show you how to build rapport with anyone from the moment you meet. You will learn how to use your interpersonal instincts to read any situation, ask the right questions, and get the right answers. Whether you are dealing with bosses, colleagues, clients or friends,this workshop will show you how to truly communicate your way to success!

(This book is part of the ST Training Solutions Success Skills Series published by Marshall Cavendish.)


This course is designed for:

Front-line, sales and support staff, admin professionals, relationship managers, financial advisors, small business owners, customer service representatives, call centre staff, telemarketers, receptionists. This course is really designed for anyone whose professional success depends on powerful relationships and excellent communication.


  • Get the right response and the right results through effective communication
  • Gain confidence in your relationship-building skills
  • Access the tools used by successful communicators
  • Make a professional impression that will enhance your career and your company
  • Build better rapport by really connecting with colleagues, clients and friends
  • Understand the factors that contribute to building strong business relationships
  • Manage conversations with tact, graciousness and style
  • Ask the right questions and give the right answers in any situation
  • Control your body language so you always make the best impression
  • Win clients and customers over the phone with terrific telephone etiquette



Heather’s workshops are packed with practical activities, pair and group work, and interactive presentations set in a fun and safe learning environment. Be prepared to participate fully in role plays and discussions that allow for immediate application of the lessons you learn. In addition, you’ll receive a detailed workbook full of helpful tips and guidelines for further practice and development.

Workshop Highlights


Make the right connections every time

  • Why your relationships matter more than anything else
  • Improving your image – your ultimate success factor!
  • Becoming more aware of yourself and your actions
  • Uncovering how you judge others and how they judge you


Building strong relationships

  • Making your first impression count every time
  • Establishing rapport from the moment you meet
  • Finding common ground with everyone at every level
  • Taking a sincere interest in others and their needs
  • Balancing the political and social realities of relationships
  • How you can benefit from non-verbal behaviour


Say what you mean and mean what you say

  • Using positive vocabulary for a positive outcome
  • Making your message clear with appropriate tone
  • Asking the right questions to get the information you need
  • Answering questions confidently and appropriately


Communication in action

  • Step-by-step from “Hello” to “Goodbye”
  • Making instant connections over the phone
  • Top 10 tips for telephone etiquette that gets remembered
  • Putting your best ear forward for successful communication
  • Being courteous, tactful and gracious in every situation



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