Get to Grips with Grammar

A refreshing approach to improving your spoken and written English

Few people will tell you English grammar was their favourite subject in school. It’s complicated. There are so many rules – and sometimes even more exceptions to the rules! It can be hard to keep it all straight, especially if English is just one of several languages you speak.

Although it can be tough, it’s worth the effort to make sure your messages are grammatically correct. Proper grammar signals a higher level of education, professionalism and, in many cases, success. Breaking grammar rules can imply a lack of attention to detail, laziness and can be a general irritant and distraction for your listener.

And grammatical errors in written correspondence are even worse! Think how much time is wasted clarifying the meaning of an email where the structure is so muddled that the message is lost. Unfortunately, this is an all too common occurrence in today’s international workplaces.

With the right guidance you can quickly correct your most common grammatical errors once and for all. Join Heather for this intensive, highly interactive and (dare we say) fun refresher course in English grammar that will help you to communicate with ease, speed up your work flow and project a more competent professional image.

Join Heather for the most interesting grammar course you’ll ever attend. You will not only enhance your communication skills, but your confidence too!


  • Refresh your understanding of the general principles of English grammar
  • Clarify the differences between the parts of speech and know how to use them
  • Say what you mean by distinguishing between commonly confused words
  • Combine clauses seamlessly and eloquently to enhance your message
  • Develop clear and concise sentences that create an impact
  • Appreciate the grammatical differences in international varieties of English
  • Reduce distractions in your writing by using appropriate punctuation
  • Learn effective methods of proof-reading for common grammatical errors
  • Enhance your professional image by speaking and writing clearly and correctly
  • Renew confidence in your ability to communicate well in English


This course is designed for:

Secretaries, administrative and clerical staff, office managers, department heads, executives, managers, technicians, engineers – in fact anyone who needs to convey their ideas (spoken or written) precisely and accurately.


Guaranteed to be the most fun and interesting grammar course you’ve ever attended, Heather uses interactive methods such as games, group activities, discussions, role play and demonstrations to ensure that you quickly and easily assimilate modern grammar rules. In addition, each activity has a relevant business focus to ensure you’ll be able to immediately apply your skills at work.


Workshop Highlights


The Building Blocks of Grammar

  • Grammar Quiz: How strong is your foundation?
  • The parts of speech and why they matter
  • Why word order is important
  • How to form a clear and concise sentence


People, Places and Things

  • Referring to countable and uncountable nouns correctly
  • The difference between proper and common nouns Choosing between commonly confused words
  • Making nouns come alive with expressive adjectives
  • Common errors when making comparisons


Let’s Take some Action!

  • Talking about the past, present and future
  • The importance of subject-verb agreement
  • Using modals to create different levels of formality
  • Tips for creating a phrasal verb bank
  • How to conquer pesky prepositions


Grammar in Use

  • Seamlessly combining clauses with conjunctions
  • Word order in questions and question tags
  • Increasing clarity by getting rid of fillers and excessive prose
  • Using punctuation in the right place at the right time
  • How to proof-read for the most common errors
  • Grammatical differences across borders




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