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Statistical Support for Global English

A Brief History of ‘Proper’ English

Speaking Topics

Let’s Go Global

How to develop winning communication strategies in global workplaces

  • The good, the bad and the reality of the English language
  • Future trends in worldwide communication and what you need to do to keep up
  • The ‘Englishnization’ of global companies: Could yours be next?
  • Managing egos: the native and non-native divide
  • How to achieve global understanding in a global company


How to speak so you’re understood by everyone, everywhere, every time

  • How English is really being used in global companies
  • The problem with ‘proper’ English
  • Why message clarity is more important than linguistic purity
  • Losing RP (Received Pronunciation) and gaining YP (Your Pronunciation)
  • 3 things you must do to enhance global understanding in your company

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