1-on-1 Training & Self-study Options

If you are looking for a more customised, flexible and private alternative to group training, one-on-one training sessions could be right for you.

Individuals choose private, one-on-one training because they:

  • have very busy schedules that make attending formal instruction on a regular basis difficult
  • have quite specific communication challenges that public courses don’t necessarily address
  • want to determine the pace and progress of their course
  • appreciate the confidentiality private lessons provide
  • are located outside of Singapore and can’t attend formal courses here

So, how does one-on-one training work?
One-on-one packages of 8, 12, or 18-hours are available.
Pronunciation Training programs are either 12 or 18 hours long, depending on need.
Coaching sessions last for 1 hour and you will attend weekly (as regularly as your schedule allows).

You can also engage Heather for a shorter term to focus on a specific project, for example, preparing for an important presentation.

All training sessions are held in our fully-equipped offices or online via video conferencing (Skype, Google+, etc.). Of course, if you are located outside Singapore, we will meet virtually.

We will conduct a full assessment, provide recommendations and work with you to design a program that meets your individual needs.

Heather has coaching and consulting hours on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays between 9:00am and 2:00pm. There are only 12 spots available each week. Heather keeps her private coaching practice small in order to ensure that each client receives maximum attention and support.

If you are interested in enquiring about current availability or would like to be placed on the waiting list, please contact us through the contact form. Alternatively, you may choose to work with one of the Communication Lab’s associate trainers who are equally qualified to assist you with your communication needs.

Pricing: SG$450-600/hour depending on package
Discounts available for private individuals paying out of pocket