About Heather

My philosophy

  • Learning should be fun and interactive- even for adults!
  • Participant needs and objectives are always first priority
  • Flexibility is a key trainer trait
  • Technology should be used appropriately
  • Constant evaluation and feedback is essential

My background

Originally from the United States, I have lived, worked and studied in five countries and am now happy to call Singapore
my sixth home. I speak three languages and have extensive experience dealing with cross-cultural issues.

My experience in English communication ranges from translation and copy-editing to audio book recordings. But my true passion is executive training, especially in the fields of language, linguistics and public presenting.

My educational background includes two American bachelor degrees – one in International Studies: Language and Society and one in the German Language. I have also taken coursework in Linguistics at the Master’s level. I hold a CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) from Cambridge. I also received a Graduate Diploma in Training & Development from the Singapore Human Resources Institute. Lifelong learning is one of my personal core values, and I am constantly upgrading my own skills and proficiencies.

Why I’m different

I make it my goal to bring out the very best in every individual, and I like to make learning fun, personalized and, most importantly, practical.

Due to my background in linguistics, I have a very deep respect for all languages and all varieties of English. Language is linked so closely with identity – it really does say a lot about who you are, and I respect that. Unlike many language programs where participants are expected to speak as someone would in the UK or USA, I would much rather let you speak the way you are comfortable speaking and focus more on making sure you get your message across clearly so that real communication takes place.

When it comes to presentation coaching, the same rules apply. The style that works for me may not be the style that’s right for you! I am a firm believer in every person embracing his own personal style. You will get nowhere trying to be someone you aren’t. Let’s build on what you already have, and I am positive that you will be most successful.