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  • Present with Confidence, 2-day Workshop – The Knowledge Club, Vigor Events – Kuwait City

    Present with Confidence, 2-day Workshop with Heather Hansen Organized by The Knowledge Club and Vigor Events May 20-21, 2015, Kuwait City, Kuwait For more information and to register, please visit: http://knowledgeclub.com/events/season1/present-with-confidence/ […] Read More

  • How can I improve my accent in English?

    http://englishpronunciationcourse.com http://globalspeechacademy.com […] Read More

  • Speak up Successfully in Copenhagen with Heather Hansen!

    http://www.sprogseminar.dk/kurser/engelske-kurser/speak-up-successfully/ Do you have the confidence to speak up in English and share your ideas with the world? Do you get the respect you deserve, and do people take you seriously when you speak? The English language is becoming increasingly important in international business. If you can’t speak up in English with your colleagues, bosses […] Read More

  • Economy & Economic – Word Stress Shift in Longer Words [Pronunciation Pointer with Heather Hansen]

    How do you pronounce economy and economic? Photography and photographic? This video shows you exactly how to pronounce these words and others that end with IC or Y. To learn more, visit http://www.englishpronunciationcourse.com and register for the free, 8-part pronunciation short course! I'll see you there! http://www.englishpronunciationcourse.com […] Read More

  • How to Stop Translating and Start Speaking English Naturally!

    http://englishpronunciationcourse.com http://pronunciationmastery.com Do you still translate from your native language when speaking English? Are you having difficulty communicating because of it? This week I received a question from one of my YouTube subscribers facing this problem and she asked how she could stop translating from her native language to English. In this video I give […] Read More

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